Payday can’t come fast enough.

These are going to be my next purchase as soon as I get Paid.

I did want Timbaland boots but I have chosen to go for these from River Island as I feel they look more fashion than practicality. Which some of you reading this may seem silly when they are £75 and I could probably get actually Timbaland’s for a little bit more dollar. You can’t deny that they are pretty though.

I am in love with oversized T-shirts and Shirts at the moment and I currently don’t own a oversized checkered shirt but this shirt from River Island at £35. In my head I imagine this shirt and boot combo with a lovely pair of black skinny jeans I think it will bring the outfit all together.



Time to Smell Reem.

These are my top mens fragrances,  a mans scent is important. It’s important to look good and smell good at all times no man or woman wants a man that smells like the dreaded “B.O.” or the classic haven’t washed in weeks smell, that’s not going to turn anyone on. So here are my top smells to help those who need it or for those of you who just want to try something new.

10. Giorgio Armani – Aqua


9. Diesel – The Brave


8. Calvin Klien – IN2U


7. Davidoff – Cool Water


6. Calvin Klein – One Shock


5. Dolce & Gabbana – The One

d&g the one mens

4. Gucci – Made to Measure


3. Tom Ford – Black Orchid


2. Paco Rabanne – One Million


1. Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Male


Summer time feeling.

So heres a selection of summer outfits I would put together.




Double the Denim.

Fashion trends always come and go but denim for me never goes out of fashion, a pair or jeans can be rocked with any outfit whether smart or casual. I’m a bit denim obsessed, denim jeans are my down fall! I see a good pair of jeans the temptation for me is too much! but in my defense a good pair of jeans can last a lifetime! So, if I see a pair in the shop that I fall in love with I will buy because they may be the best pair of jeans I have ever brought but I wouldn’t know unless I buy them. Can you see now why jeans are my down fall? and don’t even get me started on denim shirts, another love of mine.

Here’s a double denim do & don’t!!

Double Denim – DON’T!!

1_double denim don't

If their were fashion police at this event Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake would have been pulled over and fined for this crime! If you need to know how NOT to wear double denim this is it. The popstar couple should have taken a look in the mirror before leaving! I honestly can’t believe they thought this was a good outfit choice for the public to see, my eyes feel raped even by just looking at this picture. If Britney just wore this dress without the hideous belt and Justin could of wore a nice tux considering it is a red carpet event I would have probably given them some credit but UGGH! I hope they sacked their stylist. This is defiantly an double denim disaster!

Double Denim – DO!!


This is a lush way of combining various denim garments, I think the trick is with double denim always be sure to put different shade of denim together never put a light wash denim with light wash or dark wash with dark wash etc. (You get the picture) This photo shows that double denim can look awesome and easy on the eye and I am not just talking about the models in the photo. The outfit flows which is key to make any outfit work not just double denim. The mix of the brown in the outfit helps break up the color so it isn’t so over-poweringly blue and shows of the different shades of blue in the outfit perfectly. Out of all three outfits pictured above my favourite double denim outfit is the middle one, love the distressed jeans and boots! 🙂

Let me know your thoughts on double denim do you love it or hate it?

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Are Men Just… Muggs?

Uggs are the most worn women’s shoe, whether they are real Ugg Australia or whether their knock off’s from the market or even just a version from a high street store a woman in your life owns pair. Exactly, a woman. Ugg’s are highly regarded as a woman’s shoe but with mens fashion becoming more metro than ever obviously Ugg would cash in on a mens version of the timeless sheepskin boot.

But are they a fashion do or don’t? In a world were celebrity culture influences not only fashion but what products we buy and even where we grocery shop.. It’s not un-known to many of us to look to celebrities for inspiration for up and coming trends and even certain items that we see people in the lime-light sporting. In my mind the only man in the “biz” that I can think of that wears male Uggs is Joey Essex from ‘The Only Way is Essex”. His metro styling and boyish sexy looks actually give him the edge to be able to “pull off” the boots. But is he the only exception?

The design of the boot doesn’t differ between mens and woman’s, but should it? Would an Ugg be an Ugg without the suede outer layer? I asked a few of my female friends whether they thought men in Uggs is a turn on or turn off? My friend Sofie made the point that it can make a man look too feminine which is obviously not what you want from a man you want to sweep you off your feet. However, Beth had other opinions on the subject considering that she is a big “TOWIE” fan she may have been biased but she embraced the idea and said she wouldn’t have a problem with her boyfriend wearing Ugg boots.

But from a guy to guy point of view I would say you have to have a massive pair of balls to walk into a bar or anywhere for that matter and be proud of what’s on your feet. I embrace these men cool and confident with their footwear however, I don’t think I could be that guy. Even with a (what I like to think) is an on trend style I don’t think I could walk out my door wearing a pair. Even though they do look like feet heaven!!

I think I’m still in two minds about this subject, if you have the balls to wear them. Wear them! If you don’t, then if you see a guy wearing them think damn they have got some balls! Because I don’t think it’s an overly camp thing to wear them I think you just have to have the confidence. Fashion wise depending on what you rock them with, for me I would pick the sandy standard classic Ugg colour and wear skinny jeans blue/ light wash denim and a printed t-shirt keeping it clean and relaxed.

Let me know your thoughts on Mens Uggs

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Photo: Ugg Australia

Fake Tans: St. Tropez Vs. St. Moriz


So I have been fake tanning for years now and proud of it, (everybody likes a nice glow; male or female) I have learnt from my years what to do what not to do and what works best for me.. and I want to share my routine while comparing these two fake tans.

Fake tanning is a skill, whatever you say I will tell you it is a skill to get your tan perfect using a mitt at home. It can take time and sometimes embarrassing mistakes, but hopefully that’s what this post will  teach you guys wanting to either first time fake tan or those of you who feel confident enough that your already tanning and just wondered if their are other ways.

Now, I have been told in the past that you shouldn’t moisturize before fake tanning they tell you too after the tan has dried. (I IGNORE THIS) When I fake tan I exfoliate, moisturize then tan.. Exfoliating is a big MUST before tanning this helps remove dead skins cells, de-clogs pores, it also removes any dry skin. So please, exfoliate before! Honestly, I don’t know why they say don’t moisturize before tanning but I have always done it and I think it gives you a even smoother color so I stick two fingers up to whoever said that!

So once you have done all that be sure the moisturizer has dried and begin to tan, if I’m going the whole hog and doing my whole body I will start from the feet and work my way up in circular motions to put it on. If your not used to tanning and have never done it before ‘less is more’ because you haven’t tanned before you’d probably notice the difference as soon as you put it on plus, always remember you can build it up and add more so don’t over do the first coating.

I tend to fake tan in my boxers that way it looks as though it’s real tan because you have a tan line 😉 – Sneaky.


– Use less on hands, feet and face. (these places are the tell tail signs between real tan and fake so TAKE CAUTION)

– Always wait for the tan to dry try not to sit down or move too much (it will cause streaks and marks)
– Aways read the bottle some tans require you to wash after the tan has developed.

Now, which fake tan?

I have used many different types but I chose these two fake tan brands because these are probably the most frequent that I have used, St Moriz is ranges between £1 – £4 the cheapest tan I have ever used. The tan it’s self isn’t too bad,however after a few days of wearing the tan I did notice that it goes a little bit bitty and build up on my skin.. :/ but in comparison to St. Tropez their isn’t really a contest St. Tropez works so much better and has great results since the first time I used it sometimes it’s best to pay the extra cash for in my opinion a better product although St. Tropez is a bit pricey ranging from £15-£35 possibly even more. The prices are just off the top of my head, but you do have to remember that St. Tropez got their name and global backing from having a quality product.

So in conclusion, take extra consideration when deciding which brand you want to use but also take care when applying to assure no embarrassing mistakes for your friends to take the piss out of you for.

SO BOYS GET TANNING! Let me know your horror stories or Let me know if this helped anyone 🙂 tweet me: @LukeHardwidge

Keen or Reem?


The mother of all bags.

Everyone went cray for the quilted ‘Barbour’ jackets in the winter and now it’s not really the time of year for them anymore well, every now and again in this British “summer” there’s always a need for a rain coat at some point. So to keep my quilted ‘Barbour’ flare still alive even in the summer months they bring out this BEASTY BAG OF BEAUTY!


This bag maybe easy on the eye but not on the wallet, the bag is a whopping £219.00! On an even further downside, the shoulder strap that comes with the bag looks to be a bit of a disappointment. Considering the money, you would like to think that it would come with a high quality leather shoulder strap but it seems ‘Barbour’ took the easy route with the design and gave it a strap you could easy get with a bag from ‘Primark’.

The bag’s uniqueness does make up for it though but the temptation to put it on my credit card is getting a little bit too much. What do you guys think? Let me know tweet me @LukeHardwidge


Keen or Reem?

Defiantly, Reem.