The mother of all bags.

Everyone went cray for the quilted ‘Barbour’ jackets in the winter and now it’s not really the time of year for them anymore well, every now and again in this British “summer” there’s always a need for a rain coat at some point. So to keep my quilted ‘Barbour’ flare still alive even in the summer months they bring out this BEASTY BAG OF BEAUTY!


This bag maybe easy on the eye but not on the wallet, the bag is a whopping £219.00! On an even further downside, the shoulder strap that comes with the bag looks to be a bit of a disappointment. Considering the money, you would like to think that it would come with a high quality leather shoulder strap but it seems ‘Barbour’ took the easy route with the design and gave it a strap you could easy get with a bag from ‘Primark’.

The bag’s uniqueness does make up for it though but the temptation to put it on my credit card is getting a little bit too much. What do you guys think? Let me know tweet me @LukeHardwidge


Keen or Reem?

Defiantly, Reem.



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