Are Men Just… Muggs?

Uggs are the most worn women’s shoe, whether they are real Ugg Australia or whether their knock off’s from the market or even just a version from a high street store a woman in your life owns pair. Exactly, a woman. Ugg’s are highly regarded as a woman’s shoe but with mens fashion becoming more metro than ever obviously Ugg would cash in on a mens version of the timeless sheepskin boot.

But are they a fashion do or don’t? In a world were celebrity culture influences not only fashion but what products we buy and even where we grocery shop.. It’s not un-known to many of us to look to celebrities for inspiration for up and coming trends and even certain items that we see people in the lime-light sporting. In my mind the only man in the “biz” that I can think of that wears male Uggs is Joey Essex from ‘The Only Way is Essex”. His metro styling and boyish sexy looks actually give him the edge to be able to “pull off” the boots. But is he the only exception?

The design of the boot doesn’t differ between mens and woman’s, but should it? Would an Ugg be an Ugg without the suede outer layer? I asked a few of my female friends whether they thought men in Uggs is a turn on or turn off? My friend Sofie made the point that it can make a man look too feminine which is obviously not what you want from a man you want to sweep you off your feet. However, Beth had other opinions on the subject considering that she is a big “TOWIE” fan she may have been biased but she embraced the idea and said she wouldn’t have a problem with her boyfriend wearing Ugg boots.

But from a guy to guy point of view I would say you have to have a massive pair of balls to walk into a bar or anywhere for that matter and be proud of what’s on your feet. I embrace these men cool and confident with their footwear however, I don’t think I could be that guy. Even with a (what I like to think) is an on trend style I don’t think I could walk out my door wearing a pair. Even though they do look like feet heaven!!

I think I’m still in two minds about this subject, if you have the balls to wear them. Wear them! If you don’t, then if you see a guy wearing them think damn they have got some balls! Because I don’t think it’s an overly camp thing to wear them I think you just have to have the confidence. Fashion wise depending on what you rock them with, for me I would pick the sandy standard classic Ugg colour and wear skinny jeans blue/ light wash denim and a printed t-shirt keeping it clean and relaxed.

Let me know your thoughts on Mens Uggs

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Photo: Ugg Australia


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