Double the Denim.

Fashion trends always come and go but denim for me never goes out of fashion, a pair or jeans can be rocked with any outfit whether smart or casual. I’m a bit denim obsessed, denim jeans are my down fall! I see a good pair of jeans the temptation for me is too much! but in my defense a good pair of jeans can last a lifetime! So, if I see a pair in the shop that I fall in love with I will buy because they may be the best pair of jeans I have ever brought but I wouldn’t know unless I buy them. Can you see now why jeans are my down fall? and don’t even get me started on denim shirts, another love of mine.

Here’s a double denim do & don’t!!

Double Denim – DON’T!!

1_double denim don't

If their were fashion police at this event Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake would have been pulled over and fined for this crime! If you need to know how NOT to wear double denim this is it. The popstar couple should have taken a look in the mirror before leaving! I honestly can’t believe they thought this was a good outfit choice for the public to see, my eyes feel raped even by just looking at this picture. If Britney just wore this dress without the hideous belt and Justin could of wore a nice tux considering it is a red carpet event I would have probably given them some credit but UGGH! I hope they sacked their stylist. This is defiantly an double denim disaster!

Double Denim – DO!!


This is a lush way of combining various denim garments, I think the trick is with double denim always be sure to put different shade of denim together never put a light wash denim with light wash or dark wash with dark wash etc. (You get the picture) This photo shows that double denim can look awesome and easy on the eye and I am not just talking about the models in the photo. The outfit flows which is key to make any outfit work not just double denim. The mix of the brown in the outfit helps break up the color so it isn’t so over-poweringly blue and shows of the different shades of blue in the outfit perfectly. Out of all three outfits pictured above my favourite double denim outfit is the middle one, love the distressed jeans and boots! 🙂

Let me know your thoughts on double denim do you love it or hate it?

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Have a massive interest in fashion. This is just a bit of fun! :)

7 responses to “Double the Denim.”

  1. becciscottxo says :

    Hey! Love the blog, it’s great to see a guy’s perspective on the high street commenting on topics that are relevant. I’d love to do a joint post with you? I’m doing a piece about style at Pride and the stereotypes of fashion in gay communities – would you be interested? Becci

    • keentobereem says :

      Becci, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! I would love to get involved writing a joint blog post I think this could be interesting! Just let me know when you want to get together 🙂 Luke

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